National Preparedness Month: When to Evacuate

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Should I stay or should I Go? Do you know when to evacuate or shelter in place?

Depending on your circumstances and the nature of the event the first important decision is whether you stay put or get away. You should understand and plan for both possibilities. 

  • Staying put– in some situations, it may be best to stay where you are and avoid uncertainty outside. When staying put, it is best to have a pre-assembled kit in place and to also know the steps to “Shelter in Place and Seal the Room”.
  • Getting Away (or Evacuating)– Other conditions may require an evacuation. Plan for alternate routes before the emergency occurs and designate meeting locations with families and friends in case you are separated.
    • Pay attention to local emergency management and public safety officials and evacuate when asked. Evacuation information and orders will be disseminated to residents in numerous ways.

More information: Deciding to Stay or Go

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