Hurricane Irene’s Impact on Fairfax County (Saturday Morning Update)

According to the latest information from the National Weather Service, the forecast for Fairfax County remains similar to yesterday.

A Tropical Storm Warning and Flash Flood Watch is in effect for the county.  It will likely rain most of the day today, but the rain bands from the hurricane will start hitting this area in the early to mid afternoon.  Heavy rain and winds will start at around 6 p.m., with the heaviest rain and winds occurring between 8 p.m. Saturday night and 2 a.m Sunday morning.  During this period we will likely experience sustained winds of up to 40 MPH with gusts between 40 and 50 MPH.  During the course of the storm, 2-4 inches of rain are expected, with higher amounts the further east you go. We will update you with any changes as the storm progresses.

Residents should be prepared for power outages due to downed trees and minor flooding from heavy rain. 

We should always remain prepared. Ensure that you have food and water, medications, and special needs considerations for up to 72 hours, or 3 days.  Be prepared for power outages and stay informed.  Two ways to stay informed are through the Community Emergency Alert Network (CEAN) at or through this blog. You can also follow us on Facebook at and Twitter at

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9 responses to “Hurricane Irene’s Impact on Fairfax County (Saturday Morning Update)”

  1. Anonymous says :

    which emergency shelters will be open for the residents???

  2. Fairfax County Emergency Information says :

    At this time, we have not opened any shelters for Hurricane Irene. If we do, we will post it on this blog and our other communications channels.

    We do, however, have a number of emergency shelters available for individuals and famililes who are homeless:

  3. Anonymous says :

    Are county services open today such as the county dump ?

  4. Anonymous says :

    Are county services in DCNS, such as Teen Centers open. Please keep in mind that teens could be stranded because of working parents. Fairfax employees will need to get back to their own families.

  5. Anonymous says :

    are fcps libraries closed today?

  6. Fairfax County Emergency Information says :

    There are currently no building closings or cancellations other than tomorrow’s Electric Sunday event (

    We will post any closings on this blog.

  7. tesfaye says :

    is there any change on public transportation especially fairfax connector norther bound?