Safety Tips for Construction Sites and Homeowners

To prepare for Hurricane Irene, Fairfax County building officials are asking construction sites in the region to do the following:

  • Materials, construction debris and other items that could become dangerous projectiles should be stored appropriately.
  • Cancel any deliveries for materials unnecessary to secure the site.
  • Equipment and other items such as portable toilets should be anchored and secured.
  • Cranes must be out of service and allowed to weathervane.
  • Ensure construction is completed to a point where the building can resist the storm, or provide temporary bracing and shoring to prevent collapse or projectiles.
  • Turn off all electricity, water and gas to the site.

Homeowners also should secure, protect and keep clear of areas in or around your home that were damaged by Tuesday’s earthquake, such as cracked or damaged windows, chimneys or brick veneer.

After the storm, please survey your home, business or construction site for damage.

  • If you smell gas, leave the building or area and call 9-1-1 immediately.
  • If you have concerns regarding the safety of your building, please contact your insurance company, a structural engineer, a licensed contractor.  For commercial buildings or apartment complex contact your management company or building engineer.
  • If findings indicate an unsafe condition, please call 9-1-1.
  • Questions related to permitting of repairs should be directed to the Permit Application Center at 703-222-1082, TTY 711 during normal business hours.

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